Premium Data Library PeoplefindersDaaS sources data from more than 700 distinct data sources containing more than 50B data records, describing over 550M unique individuals and 31M+ companies. In additional to current records, PeoplefindersDaaS maintains a large collection of historical records tied to unique individuals, including attributes such as email, telephone number, name and address. Both current and historical data is critical to building more accurate individual identities across time, enabling high-quality data segments to be activated in marketing and sales use cases. PeoplefindersDaaS continually updates its data library utilizing a myriad of sources, including local, state and federal government agencies, credit bureaus, corporate records and other top-tier data providers and sources.

PeoplefindersDaaS Ecosystem

Jonathan Wright

Reagan Dunn

Logan Johnson
Kristin Johnson

Grant Ries

Proprietary Data Systems:

Data Architecture, Data Processing/ETLs, Matching Algorithms, Search Systems, APIs etc.


Connect individuals and data elements across disparate data sources

Create new connections i.e. relatives, associates, business partners

Raw Data Categories

Multiple unique sources in each category; sourced over many years


Addresses (Personal, Work)

Phones (Personal, Work, Mobile)

Emails (Personal, Work)

Death / Deceased

Social Data

Unique Identifiers: IP, Mobile Device, etc.

Property Data

Businesses, Corporations, FBNs

Professional Licenses

Detailed Business & Consumer Segments

Domain / URL

International Data

Transaction Data

Census Records (All Available)

Criminal Data