Premium Data Library PeoplefindersDaaS sources data from more than 700 deterministic data sources containing more than 50B data records, describing 300M+ unique individuals and 31M+ companies in the United States. Over 20 Contact Data Fields (e.g. Personal Email, Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Work Address etc.) are utilized to improve accuracy. Data engineering is done in-house and matching is keyed to a unique individual (versus Household), utilizing current and historical data points to increase accuracy and connections. In additional to current data records, PeoplefindersDaaS utilizes historical data records tied to unique individuals; improving accuracy in multiple scenarios including common names, large companies and densely populated cities. PeoplefindersDaaS continually updates its matching logic and data library utilizing a myriad of sources, including local, state and federal government agencies, credit bureaus, corporate records and other top-tier data providers and sources.