Largest Premium B2B + Consumer Data Marketplace PeoplefindersDaaS provides more than 1,200 audience segments (800 B2B + 400 consumer) as wells as custom Account Based Marketing and tailored industry segments to use. With data on 550M unique individuals, access to more than 100 million professional workplace profiles and 31 million companies, PeoplefindersDaaS has compiled the highest quality comprehensive B2B data asset available. Our proprietary B2B audience data is accessible through our syndicated taxonomy, custom audiences and/or direct solutions via API/Batch. Additionally, PeoplefindersDaaS provides a comprehensive set of self-declared demographic, interest, past purchase and custom industry audience segments (e.g. financial services, consumer technology). Lastly, PeoplefindersDaaS provides linkage services and outputs connecting its vast B2B and Consumer data libraries, to unlock multiple dimensions in a person’s life across time.

Highest quality comprehensive B2B data library matched to consumer attributes

Data products include standard data taxonomy and custom data segments (e.g. ABM)

Thousands of data ingredients utilized in proprietary data processing/matching systems

Data engineering is done in-house; data matching based on an individual (not household)

PeoplefindersDaaS provides targeted audiences for:
  • B2B targeting and custom audiences
  • Account-Based Marketing (e.g., professionals working at ABC Corporation)
  • Industry/situation focused targeting (e.g., Financial Services, SME/SMB)
  • Consumer targeting using demographic, interest, finance, past-purchase & real-estate segments
  • Identity linkage (e.g., consumer data to B2B data)