Boutique Data Solutions Advisor

Client Results Determine Our Success – we do not rest on our laurels

PeoplefindersDaaS is a United States based, independent data solution advisor that provides the highest quality strategic and execution advice and support to senior management and boards of the most respected B2B and Consumer brands in the word.  We work with a small portfolio of the largest brands that share our commitment to quality, integrity and follow-through.

PeoplefindersDaaS provides custom audience creation and ready-made “deterministic only” data segments for Marketers, Agencies and Platforms executing Sales, Marketing and Analytics/Measurement mandates.  We work with clients through the whole process and often become part of the internal team as the mandate evolves.  Much of our value comes from our commitment to work with clients to define specific goals and develop the best possible data solution and execution platform available in the marketplace.  PeoplefindersDaaS provides the fastest execution in the industry, typically measured in hours – speed to market is critical to our clients and they appreciate our commitment to conform to their timelines.

PeoplefindersDaaS provides premium data solutions for:

  • Custom Audiences Creation (e.g., AMB, utilizing both B2B and Consumer data solutions)
  • B2B Targeting
  • Consumer Targeting
  • Identity Graph Solutions (e.g., Identity linkage – consumer data to B2B data to enhance accuracy and precision)