Premium Data Solutions PeoplefindersDaaS is a premium B2B and Consumer data solutions provider focused on custom audience creation and ready-made “deterministic only” data segments for Marketers, Agencies and Platforms. Current integrations include many of the largest DMPs, DSPs and other adtech platforms to deliver and match the most accurate data with digital and postal campaigns. PeoplefindersDaaS is the largest single source of full B2B Business Card Data on working professionals matched to Personal Contact Data (email, phone, address etc.) in the United States. Recently, PeoplefindersDaaS began offering its proprietary Identity Graph solution to strategic partners, connecting B2B and Consumer attributes to unique individuals in the United States.

B2B Professional

B2B Firmographic


Identity Graph

PeoplefindersDaaS provides data solutions for:
  • B2B Targeting
  • Consumer Targeting
  • Custom Audiences
  • Identity Graph Solutions
  • Identity linkage (e.g., consumer data to B2B data)