Data Solutions

PeoplefindersDaaS offers privacy compliant data solutions to the largest global brands focused on the United States market.  We are often considered part of a client’s internal team, actively collaborating with key stakeholders before, during and after execution. PeoplefindersDaaS approaches each client and mandate differently, focused on the unique success metrics and other factors that will drive success for a client.

Our preferred strategy is to work with a small portfolio of marquee brands over a long period of time.  As a result, PeoplefindersDaaS does not charge upfront or consulting fees, preferring instead to invest the time and resources to offer and implement a solution that works for an initial use-case.  The longer we work with a client the better we understand key variables and consideration factors that make a client unique, translating into the highest quality data solution in the United States market.

As a result of our position in the marketplace, we offer a variety of the highest quality data solutions in the marketplace.  For example:

B2B – Professional and Firmographic

  • Professional data: describing role, seniority and contact information of people working at businesses
  • Firmographic data: describing the companies, their industry, sales volume, number of employees and contact information of businesses.

Proprietary B2B file that includes professional and firmographic data; focused on building accurate company profiles and matching unique individuals and technologies within an organization including work and personal contact information and titles. Over 700 distinct data sources combined with proprietary data processing and matching provide the highest quality connections to key decision makers inside US-based companies.