Data Product Categories PeoplefindersDaaS provides more than 800 B2B audience segments, over 400 consumer audience segments as well as custom Account Based Marketing and tailored industry segments to use. With data on 550M unique individuals, access to more than 300M professionals and 31M+ companies, PeoplefindersDaaS has compiled the highest quality comprehensive B2B data asset available. Our proprietary B2B audience data is accessible through our syndicated taxonomy, custom audiences and/or direct solutions via API/Batch. Additionally, PeoplefindersDaaS provides a comprehensive set of self-declared demographic, interest, past purchase and real estate audience segments. Lastly, PeoplefindersDaaS provides linkage services and outputs connecting its vast B2B and Consumer data libraries, to unlock multiple dimensions in a person’s life across time.

B2B – Professional and Firmographic

  • Professional data: describing role, seniority and contact information of people working at businesses
  • Firmographic data: describing the companies, their industry, sales volume, number of employees and contact information of businesses.

Proprietary B2B file that includes professional, firmographic and technographic data; focused on building accurate company profiles and matching unique individuals and technologies within an organization including work and personal contact information and titles. Over 700 distinct data sources combined with proprietary data processing and matching provide the highest quality connections to key decision makers inside US-based companies.

Available direct or through LiveRamp (Data Store and traditional onboarding):

  • 600+ million emails tied to individuals (personal and professional)
  • 100+ million place of employment records
  • 30+ million businesses
  • 18+ million job titles
  • 23 contact-related data attributes ex. mobile phone
  • 1200 data segments ex. senior management technology event attendees

B2B – Full Postal Records

Complete contact, job title, address, email and employer data. Over 700 distinct data sources combined with proprietary data processing and matching facilitate direct marketing in traditional channels where full contact information is required.

Current B2B full postal detail file in production:

  • 31+ million place of employment records with full postal records
  • 23+ million unique individuals
  • 1200 data segments ex. senior management technology event attendees

Identity Graph

Identity Graph is a proprietary data platform connecting unique individuals across B2B and Consumer data, including work and personal contact information and full titles. In the current version, over 2 billion linkages across all B2B and Consumer attributes have been made. The identity graph can be used to append data to existing identifying attributes (or keys).

Key data fields include:

  • Consumer email(e.g.
  • Business email(e.g.
  • Landline phone number(e.g. (555) 555.5555)
  • Mobile phone number(e.g. (555) 491.2842)
  • Residential address(e.g. 123 1ST AVE, SEATTLE WA 98123)
  • Commercial address(e.g. 800 5TH AVE SUITE 4100, SEATTLE WA 98104)
  • IP address(e.g.

Example Use Case:

Consider the case where you have addressable TVs deployed in residential homes. The only identifying attribute is the IP address of a unique TV. Leveraging our identity graph, we would be able to append the residential address (or geo-location) of the TV unit along with additional demographic segments associated with the household in question.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration Records are derived and updated using domain transaction data from 2001 through today. Data provides accurate business and contact data including hard to find data attributes tied to domain name.

  • 1 billion domain name records
  • 130 million active domain name records
  • 67 million unique company/individual records
  • 38 million individuals and/or contacts at businesses


Proprietary consumer data file including data on virtually the entire US population; developed over many years using several high quality raw data sources to match current and historical data points to an individual – not modeled or inferred based on household. The data file is a complete source for individual-based contact information, contact data points (phone, email, address), relatives, business associates and other data elements.

  • 551 million unique individuals
  • 1 billion+ emails
  • 551 million addresses
  • 332 million phones

Public Records & Publicly Available Information

One of the largest data libraries of public records and publicly available data in the United States; data library includes current and historical information. Multiple data vendor relationships across many data categories.

Key data segments include:

  • Business: Corporations, FBNs and Professional Licenses
  • Criminal: Arrests, Criminal, Patriot, Sex Offenders, Traffic, Wants and Warrants
  • Death records and indicators
  • Marriage records and indicators
  • Property: Assessor/Tax, Recorder/History, Pre-Foreclosure Records, Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgements, Foreclosure, Evictions
  • Unbanked: Payday Loan
  • Unclaimed funds
  • Social media: Professional, Personal